Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

Looking back a little

Since the last time I sat down and wrote a post I’ve spent two weeks in Uganda, helped teach a two-week photography class in Southwest Oklahoma, got a new camera and finished my first year of graduate studies to name a few events. I’ve wanted to write about these experiences, but thesis research and the semester caught up with me.

Over spring break I spent two weeks exploring Uganda on a grant project through the Department of State and the OSU Agricultural Education, Communication and Leadership department. To find out more about this wonderful experience I had you can look at my photos on my Facebook page. You can also see a great episode of Sunup, which explains the trip in more detail. Austin Moore, a great videographer and a good friend, also traveled with us shot the show entirely on a Nikon D5000 using some photos of mine as well as others to fill in the holes.

Once I got back from Africa I spent the rest of the semester working on thesis and finishing up my film study class. During those few weeks I drove throughout small towns in Oklahoma capturing photos of classical film theaters for an end of a year project. I haven’t posted these photos anywhere, but when I get a photo gallery online I will make sure to share a link.

After the semester was over, I headed to the Quartz Mountain Resort with 24 eager students for a two-week photography class. It was a long trip that resulted in a lot of education and a ton of great photos. To see my take of the trip you can see them on my Facebook Page.

These events are just a few I’ve had since the last blog post, and I attend to get back to blogging more often. I hope everyone has been doing great, and I’d love to hear back from you on what you thought of my two photo galleries. If you visit the Facebook page don’t forget to like it, to stay up to date on the photos I’ve been shooting. I’ve also got a new website online, please check out and give me a little feedback.

Thanks everyone,



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