Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

Spring, Trout, Primes and such

I want to apologize to my followers, because the last couple months have found me really skimping on the blog. I always think of it, but to tell you the truth after the 365 I just really haven’t had the passion to go out and shoot.

I’ve been shooting for people, and really enjoying what I’m shooting but I just haven’t had the drive to go out and shoot for myself. I think it’s because of the weather; there really hasn’t been any color outside lately.

Well today I noticed that the trees are blooming, and I felt inspired! I’ve had a few projects I want to work on in the books so I think I’m going to go ahead and start those up soon.

So I have a few things I wanted to talk about today. First off, I want to wish everyone a happy Trout Day. In my hometown the high school has a unique tradition. Except for the major holidays you don’t get out of school.

Students are in class for president’s day, MLK day and any other holiday that might find most kids out of school. Cassville just doesn’t shut down, and as a student you get used to it, because you know once a year you’re out of class when no one else is.

March 1st is the opening day of catch and keep Trout fishing. This is a big deal for the small town of Cassvegas, because of Roaring Rive State Park. I’ve met a number of people who have no recollection of Cassville, but know all about fishing at Roaring River.

Most of the people that know Roaring River, know it because of opening day. People come from all over to fish the banks for the big trout, and this causes the school to close down. It’s been a tradition for so long, that I don’t think any of the students actually go fishing anymore, but it’s a small town tradition that makes me smile.

I wanted to post a picture of a trout today, but had no idea were I could find me some trout fishing in Stillwater, so no trout today but I did go ahead and attach a nice spring flower.


The last thing I wanted to go ahead and talk about, is that like I mentioned earlier I’ve been in some sort of photography slump. I’ve just haven’t had the drive to go and shoot photos. Knowing this, I just felt bad and didn’t know what to do.

The Agricultural communications department picked up some prime lenses that I’ve been playing with, and I can tell you my slump is over. Shooting with a prime lens has just pushed me to be creative again.

It forces you to change the way you shoot, and the photos are just sharp! It’s a different feel then zoom lenses and I just want to suggest to everyone out their to pick up a prime and go shooting.

It helped change the way I’m shooting and really did light a little fire under me.

The shot blow was shot on an 85 mm prime, and if I had my 70-200 on I wouldn’t have shot it. I probably wouldn’t have even pulled up my lens to see if I liked it. If I had, I would have zoomed in on the individual on the bench and lost the specialness of the photo.

I really liked the perspective it the photo with the Noble Research center towering over the individual.


So I digress, and just want to say Thank You spring for coming, try some prime lenses if your feeling in a rut, and most of all…


Happy Trout Day,



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