Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

Bird on a Bush

So today I was heading to class over at Morril. I’ll tell you, I’m not used to walking to that side of the campus because for the last 3 years all my classes have been in and around Ag Hall.

It’s a nice walk, but I have yet to figure out exactly how long it takes me to get to class from my house. Today I started off a little to early, but all was not lost in my free time because right behind the library there’s a nice little bush.

On this bush sat this nice little bird, just hanging out. I sat down my bag and pulled out my camera, and most of the time this movement is enough to scare off a bird this close to me.

The bird was about three feet away, so I pulled out the 70-200 and zoomed in on him(her) and took about 6 photos before it got bored and flew off.

Not much technical went into this, all I did was flip the camera in AV and put a small aperture on.

The most important part of this photo was I was sure to have my camera and had enough time to sit down and take a few photos.

Hope everyone is doing good,



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