Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

359/365: Merry Christmas from the whole family

Today I had grand plans of shooting something Christmas related. I just knew I would get something good from Christmas, but then I decided I didn’t want to ruin my Christmas experience fighting for that perfect photo.

So when my family celebrated today, I left the camera in the bag. That’s a hard thing for me to do, but there are sometimes it just needs to be done.

After opening the presents and hanging out with the family, I started looking for a photo to take. I had my mind set on Christmas, but then I sat down and started talking to my cousin.

I realized that she had her hair all curled, and had a cute little outfit on, and I thought what is Christmas all about?  Well for me Christmas, is all about family and so I told my cousin that I was going to take her photo.

I took her out to the cow pasture, and watching walk through the field in her heels was a little comic relief. I put in a part of the pasture with a lot of beautiful trees in it, I wanted the grey to pop out at ya and I also wanted the her hair to compliment the background.

She stood in the shadow of a tree, and I had her back up just a little bit so I could get that beautiful rim light on the left side of her head. I then put up a soft box to the camera left and the little beauty dish I bought to camera right.

I had the beauty dish up at about 6 feet pointed down at her; it was about three feet away from her. I had the soft box right out of the frame, level with shoulders.

I hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas with their family and friendsl

Merry Christmas,



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