Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

357/365: Ozark Bridge

Tonight I’m hanging out in Sparta with Kendra and her family. Kendra and I headed into Springfield for a big part of the day to get some shopping done, and man was it busy.

I had brought the camera with me, but their wasn’t anything that really made me stop to take a photo of. There were a lot of things I could have taken photos of, but it would have been to much trouble to pull over to get the shot.

So this evening I headed over to the Ozark Bridge that is covered in holiday lights. It goes over the river, and the river was fogged over this evening. I thought it came together quite well.

The other photo is of my beloved dog Wyatt, chewing on his beloved bone. I’m putting this one up, because I liked the photo and because it was taken with my new photo toy.

Today while I was shopping I bought myself a little 8” beauty dish. I had gone looking for a bigger beauty dish, but loved how small and lightweight this thing was. I’ll probably end up getting a bigger one before to long, but I’m going to try and master this thing first.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.



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