Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

355/365: Impreza

Tonight I finally got to take photographs of my friend’s Subaru Impreza. It’s a beautiful car, and I’ve wanted to take photos of it for a while now.

With ten days to go on the blog, I look back and one of the shoots that I didn’t do was an automobile. Ya, I did the HDR of the bug and I did a shot of my car in the parking garage, but nothing that I’d really call a car photo.

So with Kendra and I leaving for home tomorrow, I gave Jessica a call and got some time scheduled so we could take some photos of the Impreza.

It’s a rally car so I really wanted to get it on a dirt road with some dust in the air, because I feel that is what it’s built for, and not so much a pavement car. That didn’t happen today though, because the sun going down at five ruined that idea and the fact that nothings green we decided to take it the parking garage.

Shooting a car is something I’ve never really done, and it isn’t as easy as it sounds. The Subaru was like a big blue mirror, and when a flash hit it directly it didn’t look very good. So I did a few different techniques.

I tried light painting, detail shots and stitching photos. I think I’m really going to like how the photo stitching works, but didn’t have time to get it done tonight because I’m packing to head home.

What we have here is a detail shot of the hood of the car. Jessica is holding a flash on a light stand directly over the hood. I have the flash angled back so that it doesn’t reflect back to the camera.

I’ll get some other shots of the car up on my Facebook hopefully in the next few days. I’m going to hope to get a lot of photos up on the fan page during the holidays.

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