Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

354/365: Bike Under the Tree

Tonight I was thinking about what to shoot for the blog, and I noticed Marci sitting by the wall. Marci is going to the shop, because after my wreck I haven’t got her road ready again.

I’m going to take her down to the new bike shop in town, District Bicycle, and get her tuned up and back to road ready. I’ve missed riding her, and it’s probably not the best time to get her fixed but I’m hopefully we have some nice days in January.

She has a resting spot in my house, but I don’t pay attention to her most of the time but tonight I was getting her ready for the shop. So I decided to take her out the living room and take some photos in front of the Christmas tree.

Years ago my dad got me a mongoose mountain bike for Christmas. I look back now and know it wasn’t the best bike, but that is a Christmas I will never forget.

As a little kid coming around the corner and seeing that new bike sitting by the Christmas tree was just an amazing feeling.

So tonight I tried to recapture that event, it doesn’t have the same feeling but I do enjoy the photo.

I’ll give who ever can tell me how I shot this photo some bonus points J.



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