Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

353/365: Press Conference

This morning I got a call from Chris down at the Oklahoman. When the Oklahoman calls, it’s usually Doug so I was a little confused to see Chris’s name pop up on my phone.

I answered the phone and found out that Chris was in a bind and they needed some help in Stillwater. That’s why I always answer the phone when the Oklahoman calls. Although it wasn’t my normal contact, I still got an assignment to shoot.

They were needing some photos of the OSU press conference today, so I went on over and took some images.

When shooting a press conference I always get a picture of Gundy talking, because I know that’s what they want to use, but I also try to get a little creative.

The lighting is always horrible in these situations, and the TV crews camera lights never help.

For this photo I used one of those Pesky TV lights, and used it to rim light Blackmon. I didn’t figure it was something they’d use, but I always like squeezing some creativity out of the boring assignments.

This is photo is provided by the Oklahoman.

Hope everyone had a good Monday.




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