Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

351/365: VW Bug

Oh how I love winter break. There are a few things around campus that just become a pleasure when everyone goes home for the break.

The laundry room opens up and you can do as much laundry as you need with out having to wait for a machine to open up. That was a good thing, because the last few times I had went to do laundry, I found myself waiting to long to get anything washed.

The other pleasure of life is parking is all over the place. The parking lots are just amazing, there’s no searching for spots.

Tonight I wanted to show the awesome empty lots, but I found this wonderful little VW sitting in the lot. As I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog, I have a fond love of VW bugs.

My first car was a 67 baja bug, and hope to one day own another. So when I saw this beautiful bug, I just had to take some photos.

Hope everyone had a good Saturday, and Congrats to all my friends who graduated today.




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