Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

346/365: Door Knob

So throughout they last part of the year I’ve posted a few shots of places around Stout. If you haven’t noticed, I really like the parlor rooms, both the piano and the pool room.

I think I’ve pretty much drained those rooms out of photos, because going in and looking around today I didn’t see anything that I could do to make something different. So, I went roaming the building.

I haven’t really made it far off of the first floor of the building, because I’ve never had a reason to. Tonight, I went looking for a photo and I found that the lounges on the 2nd floor are a lot cooler then those on the 1st.

They have an extra room attached to them, so their a lot bigger, but my favorite part is they have two little coat closets that are still rocking the original door knobs.

Stout is a classic building, and I love that when they renovated it they kept the history in the building. They fixed what they needed, but they left what made it classic.

I don’t think anyone really uses the coat closets for what they were intended for, but they left them there with the original door knobs, how cool!

Hope everyone had a great day,



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