Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

344/365: BPS on a Quite Night

Today I had a lot of homework to finish up, and while I was working on the homework I had a weird feeling about the day.

It took a while for me to figure it out, but then it hit me. There was no College football on the TV. It’s weird having a Saturday with no football. I did find a few games, but they were nothing interesting or exciting.

So I went onto Netflixs and watched some movies, and worked on my homework.

When I got out in the evening though, I headed on over to BPS. On a quite Saturday night Boone Pickens just isn’t as rocking so I grabbed the wide angle and took some shots.

I decided to go with an HDR on this, and combined 5 images together to get the look. I got some weird looking HDR flares in the sky, but I couldn’t get the sky to match so I left them in.

While I was there I wasn’t a big fan of the one light on, but after the HDR conversion the color went to orange and I think it adds a little bit to the photo.

Hope everyone can get along with just NFL until the bowls start,



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