Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

343/365: Live Nativity

I was heading to Claremore at about 7 this morning, and I got back into Stillwater at about 7 this evening. It was a long day of shooting photos and having fun.

This photo is owned and is courtesy of Country Women magazine, who I was shooting for today. They do an awesome segment called Editor in the Country, and Ann Keiser travels the country finding empowered farming women and does a day in their life with them.

I find the articles quite interesting, and I really enjoy shooting these segments for them. This is my second shoot for them, and it has been very fun both times.

Today I was out in Claremore covering the Shepard’s cross live nativity scene. I covered everything from getting the animals into the barn, characters getting ready and everything else that goes in between.

If anyone is out and about and near Claremore this month, they need to head out to Shepard’s Cross, because it’s an awesome place full of awesome people.



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