Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

338/365: Watch Party

Tonight I got the chance to wonder down in to the extremely luxurious depths of what know as Boone Pickens Stadium. Wow can I say, it is absolutely beautiful and awesome down there.

I was down there for again. They wanted to get some photos of the players reactions to the BCS Countdown.

Well as you expect the reactions weren’t that good to hear that Alabama still remained the 2nd team in the nation. As a Cowboy myself, I wasn’t that happy either, but I can’t even explain how excited I am for the Cowboys to be heading to a BCS bowl.

The National Championship would have been nice, but just think back a few years and we couldn’t come close to sniffing a BCS Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl is huge for the Cowboys, and I feel sorry for Stanford because the Cowboys are coming!

Once again I have to throw out a thanks to, and urge everyone to head over to and check out some awesome photos.



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