Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

337/365: Dang, It feels good to be a Cowboy

What a great time to be a Cowboy! The pokes came to play last night, and it showed on the field and on the scoreboard.

I had the opportunity to be on the sidelines. This was the first bedlam game I’ve ever had a chance to take photos at. I’ve shot photos at big 12 games, the Georgia game in Stillwater and the cotton bowl to name a few, but I’ve never had the chance to shoot bedlam, until this year.

What a bedlam it was to be on the sidelines. There were a few moments were I was a little scared. I found myself in between was like 3 feet of space between taunting OU players and the OSU players coming out in the densest fog I’ve ever been in. I also found myself being one of the first people in the middle of the field after the game, because I was running for my life.

On the sidelines I have to unbiased, because the biased photographers find themselves cheering for their team, and missing photos. So when the game was over and everyone rushed the field, I will admit I might have yelled a little. That didn’t last long, because I went right into photographer mode.

IF you’ve noticed before, I usually post a large photo with high DPI on the blog. I do that because I don’t mind people using my photos under creative commons, but today’s photos owned by

I want to thank Brody over at for giving me this opportunity! I want all of my loyal readers, and all OSU fans to head over to


Check out the photos, there on sale right now so it’s a perfect time to get that great Christmas gift for your favorite Cowboy Fans. Also  a great gift for your not so favorite Sooner fan.

Good game cowboys!



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