Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

336/365: Bedlam Eve

Tomorrow is Bedlam! As an OSU student, it is the most exciting game of the year, and with the way we’ve been playing it’s bound to be a good game.

I have the opportunity to work with O State Photos tomorrow so I’ll be on the sideline taking some photographs. I’m very excited about this, and I know it’s going to cold game, but of all the football games I’ve shot, I’ve never shot Bedlam.

Brody, the owner and operator of O State photos, has a 300mm that I’ll be borrowing, but the problem is he shoots Nikon. So I’m borrowing a Nikon camera from Todd.

To add to that, my 40D is down and not working, so Dr. Cartmell has loaned me a couple cameras. So tonight I have a bunch of cameras in the house and I figured I’d play around with them.

Dr. Cartmell just sent me with his camera bag for the weekend, and to my surprise their was a load of flashes in it. I added those with the ones I already have and just played around.

Tomorrow I’ll make sure to show off some Bedlam goodness!



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