Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

335/365: One Month

First let me say that my shirt is actually a shade of orange that I just couldn’t to get to look right in camera. I tried to get it in post, but that made the hat look bad.

Today is the end of November, which means tomorrow I’ll shave and trim my facial hair and that I only have 31 days left for this project. Let me tell you, that I never thought I’d actually make it 11 months of photos without missing a day. I could have promised at the beginning that I’d bet money I’d miss a day or two, but it’s to late in the game now.

I promise you there will be 31 more photos on this blog before the New Year.

Today I wanted to show what my face did in a month. There was a couple days were I shaved everything off except the mustache, but I won’t lie when I say I’m a little disappointed on how it grew.

I get a 5 o’ clock shadow in no time after shaving, but then it slowed way down to grow long. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been clean shaving in like 6 years and my face forgot how to grow a new beard, but I hate to make excuses.

I hope everyone had a good Movember, and I hope everyone enjoys my new OSU Christmas hat!



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