Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

331/365: A second round of Holstein Christmas

Two days in a row I’ve posted Holstein flavored Christmas. I’m just in a merry mood, and I’m running out of things in my house to take photos of.

This here is my mooing cookie jar. It moo’s to remind me that I’m a cow if I eat to many cookies. It’s actually a pretty good deterrent of over indulging on the sweets.

My orange hat came from Hobby Lobby a few days ago, I got it 50% off and I’m excited to wear it around the office.

Until I get a chance to wear it to the office, I’ve just draped it over my cookie jar, and I thought it’d make a cute photo.

I shot this in the hallway of Stout with the 70-200. I had the camera and lens resting on the ground and the aperture at 2.8. I really wanted to blur the background out, that’s why I used the big lens at a low aperture.

Hope everyone is getting into the Holiday spirits!



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