Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

329/365: Ingalls

Kendra and I decided to take a road trip outside of Stillwater today. A few days ago the photography club at OSU turned my eyes to this little town, Ingalls.

It is a dot on the map that once had a big gunfight in it. Now their seems to be a few residents, and an awesome set of buildings that have lasted the test of time.

I don’t know if the buildings were re built, and I can’t even promise that the buildings are original, but from my best knowledge I would believe they are.

This photo was shot with 5 photos and then merged into HDR with Photomatix Pro. It was a dark and dray day, so I went ahead and de-saturated the colors in process.

I want to say that I am so thankful for my best friend, Kendra Fringer. She is always up to go on a trip into the middle of no were with me so I can take a photo.

I don’t know were I’d be with out her, because I don’t think many other people would or could put up with me.

She and I always wind up in the most random places, and I don’t think it would be near as fun if we didn’t.

Hope everyone survived Black Friday,



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