Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

323/365: Relaxing, Beautiful Saturday

Today Kendra and I headed out to Broken Arrow to check out a chapel that a friend of mine is getting married in. I’m going to be taking photographs at the wedding, and I always like to see the venue before the day of the wedding.

The trip to Broken Arrow was one heck of a trip because construction was very confusing, because the way I know how to get there was closed down.

We ended up driving down some back roads to get to where we were going, but we got there. It was a pretty little chapel and I’ll think it’ll make for some great photographs.

After the trip Kendra and I hung out and had a relaxing Saturday. We have both been bombarded with homework lately, but tonight we just sat around watched some NCIS and cleaned the house.

It was all in all a lot better day then it was yesterday. Like I said there is always tomorrow and when your sitting at the bottom of a hill, the sun is bound to pop over the ridge at some point.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday,




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