Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

318/365: Sometimes You’re Hot, Sometimes You’re Cold

Today was a busy day, and also a rainy nasty day. I really didn’t get out and take any photographs I liked, so it was another evening with a set up studio in the Stout living room.

I’ve pretty much taken over the Stout living room at 11 the last few days. Thiers a few students who always ask what I’m doing, but none of them ever want to be a model for me.

So that left me as my own model, and as we’ve seen in the past I’m not very photogenic.

That being said, I decided to spice up the photo a little. First I tried to mix gel colors to have them blend in the middle, but that just didn’t work the way I wanted it so I went with two contrasting colors.

Red is such a hard color for a digital camera to control. I don’t know exactly what it is about it, but I have read about it and practiced with it but I still haven’t learned how to control it.

That being said I always like to play around with a red gel, just to see if I can figure it out. It does get away from me in this shot a little, but when I dialed down the flash I lost the contrast I wanted. I think the blue does a good job evening it out, but not perfect.

Keep learning and striving for perfect, it’s how you get better.





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