Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

317/365: Thank You

Twenty-four years ago today I was born, and before Kendra says anything yes I did have to count the years to make sure I was correct. For the last few years I’ve lost track of years, and have to count to make sure I know my age.

Todays I was so surprised by the amount of Facebook comments that I received. I just really want to say Thank you to all the wonderful friends that I have and thank you for all of the Birthday wishes.

I had a very nice birthday, and wasn’t near as productive as I should have been. Kendra and I went on a great walk, we had lunch and I took a nap that I shouldn’t have.

For the blog tonight I wanted to present a cupcake to everyone and say thank you.

I shot this photo with the same lighting scheme as yesterday with a rim light to camera right behind the cupcake. It was powered down with the flash zoomed in to 105. The other flash was shot through the softbox umbrella directly to the left of the camera as close to the subject as possible.

A wonderful friend and co-worker Hanah volunteered to by my hand model again, you can see her hands a while ago playing the piano, and I placed a cupcake with a candle lit in her hand.

Thank you everyone,





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