Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

315/365: Long Day

Today was a day, I was running from sun up to way past sun down. First off let me say, I hope you had a great 11-11-11, and also I hope you happy Veterans day.

This morning I got up early and headed out to camp redlins with the RD staff to do some professional staff development. We were out at the rope courses from 9 -4 and that took up most of the day.

I had a blast out their, and completed the tall ropes challenge. It wasn’t that hard after you climbed the poll, but climbing the poll wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

After the ropes course I came home and got ready for the basketball game. I was freelancing for the Oklahoman, and I was happy with some of the shots I got. You can check them out over at and then look for the OSU vs. Texas A&M Corpus Christi game.

It wasn’t the best game, but Nash makes for some fun photos. I went ahead and put on a photo of shoes I shot at the game, becaue I didn’t figure the Oklahoman would get to upset with this photo.

Then right after the game it was out to Lake Carl Blackwell to do some camping with the Ambassador staff. A group of them stayed all night, I decided to come home to my warm room.

I would have stayed all night, but it was a long day, and Wyatt hadn’t been out much.

The photo of the tree was shot at 30 seconds, and flames of the fire was all the light that lit it.

Hope everyone had a great day!,





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