Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

311/365: Watching from the couch

So if you haven’t met Wyatt, let me tell you he’s a character. The pup is full of all kind of spunk and little individual characteristics.

First off, I really believe he thinks he’s a cat. If he can he’ll be sitting in your lap, and the way he sits is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll get a photo of it eventually.

He also really likes to rest his head on the back of the couch. He jumps on the couch and then drapes himself over the back of the couch while I’m sitting at the desk working on the computer.

It only takes a little bit for him to start trying to climb on to ya, but for a minute or so he just sits there and watches. When he gets the opportunity up and over he goes into your lap or on to the top of the couch.

He’s a pleasure and I’m glad I got him, but sometimes he’s just such a handful.

Hope you stay dry,



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