Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

308/365: Piano Room

Today I carried my camera, and saw a few good photos to take. I pulled out the camera and was disappointed by the fact that the shutter button just wouldn’t click.

This has become a pretty big problem, so I have a good friend who is loaning me a camera for a while, and this upcoming week I’m going to be sending my 40D off to get fixed.

I’d like to just invest and get a new camera, but don’t have the funds so I just have to bite the bullet and get the 40D fixed. It works right now with a shutter release cable, so that’s what I’ve been doing and it has pretty much left me planted on a tripod.

Tonight I decided to go back to the Stout Parlor and give it go with an HDR image. Like I’ve said before I’ve been dabbling with HDR, and I think it has some great possibilities.

This image is made up of 5 different frames and I merged them in Photoshop. I’ve read that a good HDR needs to made through Photomatix, and maybe if I really start to do it I may invest, but until then it’s just through Photoshop.

It’s Saturday!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and GO POKES!!!





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