Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

306/365: Guest Room decoration

Today Kendra and I headed out east to go home for a day. Kendra has a dentist appointment, so I took Thursday off, and we’ll be back in Stillwater before on Friday morning.

It’s not a long trip, so I didn’t bring to much camera equipment, just the bare essentials. We went by some of the prettiest trees I’ve seen this year, the colors were just amazing, but the sky was horrible and it was raining hardcore almost all the way home.

So tonight at Kendra’s I was looking around for a photo subject, and the perfect subject was sitting in the guest room I stay in. When I came in to unpack I found a collection of antique firearms just hanging out in my guest room.

They are gorgeous, from all sorts of time periods. I took some wide-angle shots, but I just really enjoyed this close up shot of the flint arm of this rifle.

Always makes you feel special when your room is full of guns,

Have a great day,







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