Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

298/365: Old boot

Today I got in a new toy to play with. I ordered a set of umbrellas softboxes off of amazon on Sunday, and the quickest shipping I’ve ever seen, got them delivered this afternoon.

They look like soft lighters, but the rod isn’t removable and their isn’t color inserts to put inside. That’s okay, because the price I paid for them, it’s okay not having a few of the nice amenities of the more expensive type.

I’ve wanted a softbox for some time now, and just for the price I went with the umbrella softboxes. They give a nice light, but suck up about a stop of light it seems. Means I have to get in close with the umbrella, but the umbrella stick keeps the box about a foot and a half away.

I really want to see what it looks with a person, so hopefully I can get someone to model for me tomorrow.

This boot is shot with it sitting about an inch in front of the softbox, which gives it the nice pretty rim light.






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