Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

295/365: Beautiful Day in Stillwater

Today was beautiful day in Stillwater, minus the few down pours we had.

It started out with wonderful temperatures throughout the day, with a cold front rolling in during the evening. The cold front brought an awesome lightening storm with it and some scary looking clouds.

I thought the clouds looked really nice behind Bookers steeple, so that’s were one of the photos came from.

The second photo is from my good friend Brad’s proposal. He had it all planned out, and he wasn’t going to let the rain stop him.

Luckily the rain slowed down for the 15 minutes needed for the proposal. It was a nice little proposal, and rain or shine I think Brad was going to pop the question. It was just nice that the rain slowed down so I didn’t have to run around taking photos in the rain.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday, I know I sure did! GO POKES!!!



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