Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

292/365: Exciting Evening on the Lawn

Today started the battle for human kind on the OSU campus. Humans Vs. Zombies has officially broken out, which means theirs a lot of people running around with green bandanas and Nerf Blasters.

I really didn’t know this was going on, until I saw some people running after other people, after the show down I had to ask what was up. Apparently the battle for mankind will last four days on campus.

Tonight I wanted to go out and get some shots, so I headed out to library lawn to hopefully find me a hoard, but no such luck. I saw a couple groups of humans walking around, and a couple solo’s creeping in the shadows.

With Wyatt by my side I couldn’t really go in depth shooting the event, but I do plan on going out either tomorrow or Saturday to get some action shots.

While on library lawn I also so some beautiful light from the setting sun. It lit up one of the three walkways in front of the library, so I sat down and waited for someone to walk by.

I wish she would have been walking the other way, but I didn’t have the light for very long and I still liked the way it came out.

All the Humans and Zombies out there, remember to keep it out of the Resident Halls.



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