Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

290/365: Surviving

One of Kendra’s resident Assistants, Tim, made me a survival bracelet.

I had seen that he had one on a few weeks back, and really liked it, and I had been thinking of buying one lately. I don’t know why, but I just wanted one. I used to be an outdoorsman; I would be out in the woods whenever I could.

Since college, I really haven’t had the time or the resources to just head out into the woods. I used to hike, camp and explore all the time, and I wish I still did it.

Maybe I wanted a survival bracelet to remind me of what I used to do, or maybe it will spark me back into doing it. Either way, I have one now.

I shot this with a flash off to the camera left, through an umbrella. I had the bracelet sitting on the iPad to cast the reflection.

Hope everyone has a great day!





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