Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

288/365: Long night

First off I will start by saying it is a great day to be a Cowboy! Back to back wins over Texas in Austin! First team to do that in the last century, but it’s not common for anyone to play back-to-back games on their home field.

Today was a busy day with a lot of fun thrown in. I’m working on a mini Thesis proposal, and oh lordy is it kicking my butt. It’s due soon so I slaved over it most of the day.

I took a few breaks, one for the OSU game and then another for a nice little date with Kendra. We went and saw the new Footloose movie, not to bad of a movie.

On are way home I stopped and got Aspen coffee, and then got home and slaved for a couple of hours over the computer.

Not really taking any pictures today I decided to shoot what I had been doing all day, drinking coffee and typing.

Tomorrows shaping up to be about the same, wish me luck.






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