Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

282/365: Shelter from the Storm

Today a beautiful storm rolled through Stillwater, and it rained for hours on end. It was beautiful, because it’s been very dry around this place.

I borrowed some equipment from a friend for the football game yesterday, so I had my hands on a 5D mkii with a 16-35 lens. Oh how I love that combination, it gives a heck of a wide view. I really wanted to take it out and do some landscape photos, but with the rain I really didn’t want to go down the roads I planned on.

So I did some inside shots, and I took the camera out to coffee at the end of the day. It was raining, so I covered the camera in a plastic bag and took it with me.

When I was heading back into Stout hall I stopped in the road to take a few photographs. I had caught it just as someone was leaving the building so the front door was open. As soon as they walked out of frame I took some photographs, and someone happened to walk down the hallway.

It was very inviting to get out of the very invited rain,





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