Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

280/365: Busy Day

Today I had the camera out quite a bit. I shot portraits for Cowboy Journal, Res Life and for the parents association. I also just carried it around for a little while around campus.

Through all the photos I had to select a couple for the daily blog, so I went with two tonight. One from walking around campus, and a group photo of the Cowboy Journal staff.

The one from walking around was of the Bennett Chapel. It’s a beautiful building that I’ve never had any luck shooting. It’s a wonderful piece of architecture, but it just isn’t in a great place to take photos.

Tonight when I walked up on it and the Malaysian drum group was practing, I just knew I had to get a photo. The blue hour was in full swing, and so I braced myself as steady as I could and snapped away.

Before that I took shots of the Cowboy Journal group, actually way before that. I shot them this morning at around 8:30 in the morning. I got single photos of each one, and then headed to the library for some group photos.

I had forgot my radio triggers, so I put the flash on camera, and then extended a light stand and an umbrella in front of the camera. I got it as close to the flash and myself as I could.

Not ideal, but it worked!

GO Pokes!






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