Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

279/365: Snooting Darla

So I had some ideas for photos today, and none of them panned out. So I decided to set up some photos in my living room.

First I tried to take a photo for a project I’m working on, but It really didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to so I scratched that idea. After looking around I decided I’d work with my old friend Darla.

I wanted to do something different so I pulled out a flash and started shooting. I got some real harsh shadow, and no uniqueness to the photo. I wanted something else from the photo so I looked around and decided to fold a snoot out of cardboard.

A snoot causes the flash to be pin pointed in one area, and doesn’t let light splash across the whole frame. This can create a dynamic and unique look to a photograph.

I turned the flash down to 1/64 power, and pointed the snoot right at the bridge. It wasn’t the perfect snoot, but it did help create a unique look for Darla.





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