Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

278/365: Amanda

Today I had the great opportunity to spend an hour or so with a good friend, Amanda, out at the OSU Botanic Gardens. Amanda is a student that I had in class when I was a Teachers Assistant, and she attended the Photo Tour back at the beginning of summer.

For a while now I’ve wanted to get out and shoot some photos of her, because she’s very photogenic and just fun to hang out with.

We went out to the Botanic gardens because I knew what the expect out their, and had some what of a clue of what I would be shooting. The sun didn’t come out like I wanted it to so there was a nasty overcast, but we made it work for us.

This is one of my favorite photos, and I know it has some flaws. I hate the fence in the background, and I may take some time to get rid of it but for tonight I didn’t have the time.

I got a handful of other good shots, but I just really liked this one.

Thank you Amanda,






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