Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

276/365: I like Big Tires

Ever since I was younger and owned a big truck I have had a love for big mud tires.

Every time I see a 4×4 with big tires, I just have to stop and take a look at what it’s sitting on. Most the time I just look, and then just walk on by, but tonight I stopped and took a photograph.

This is a set of Nitto Mud Grapplers, something I always wanted for my truck. I’m sure the ride on the highway is horrible, but their probably isn’t any type of terrain it couldn’t make it through.

The only reason why I stopped to take a photograph was because I really liked the sidelight that came across the tires and the terrain. I also liked how the tires were sitting on a gravel parking lot.

Just something I saw that I liked,





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