Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

275/365: Day at the Garden

When I get unmotivated and don’t know what to shoot, I like to head out to the OSU Botanic gardens just west of campus. Today Kendra and I headed out there to walk around, and take some photos.

It was an interesting day at the gardens. I usually head to the back entrance and walk up through the arboretum, which for the longest time was the only entrance.

While heading down Virginia ave. we came across what looked like a pretty nasty accident. Police were already on the scene, and I didn’t feel like going through that entrance was right.

So we went around the new fancy entrance off of 6th street. It was beautiful day to be in the gardens, and I got some nice flower photos. They are now constructing something in the gardens, and it’s going to be big.

I got some photos but nothing to brag about, so I left them off the blog, but what ever there doing is going to be big and I’m kind of excited. They’ve cleaned up the creek bank, and when I say cleaned up they have taken down every tree around the creek.

I went ahead and put up three photos tonight, because I liked all three and couldn’t pick a favorite. The first photo is a nice sidelight on one of the photos at the garden. I really liked the background and the backlight on the flower.

The second is one of the accident I talked of earlier. Seeing that I don’t work for a media outlet, I didn’t go right up and shoot the scene, but while walking through the garden I saw that the scene had been cleared and they were loading the car on a truck. I liked the framing I got from the trees all around.

The last is a macro shot; really just a shot zoomed up tight with the 70-200 of a moth or butterfly of some sort. The eyes really draw me in on this photo, so I thought I’d share.

Hope everyone has a great day,





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