Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

274/365: Mood Lighting

There was a lot of stuff going on in the area today that I could have taken a photo of. The Bluegrass festival in Guthrie, Stillwater Car Show and who knows what else, but I decided it was day a to sleep.

I really didn’t do much, especially nothing that I had planned to do. It’s all right though, because every now and then we need a good day of sleep. I had been up way too much the last week doing homework and the such.

This evening I had a nice little night with Kendra; we watched Rudy and had coke floats. It was a quite evening, so I looked around for something to take pictures of.

Kendra has this set of three electric candles, so I decided I’d use them this evening. I tried to place them were I would get some nice bokeh in the background, didn’t work as well as I’d planned.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday,






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