Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

268/365: Window Watching

Today was a day of homework, so I hung out in the house for most of the time. When I’m hanging out in the house, that means Wyatt is running around everywhere.

It was such a beautiful day outside, so I wished I could have got out but just had so much to get done. To make it a little better I opened up my three big windows in my house and let the wind and light shine through.

This always gets Wyatt going, because he loves looking and smelling outside. I’ve never actually had all the windows open, so he didn’t know what window to hangout by.

He was running back and forth from all of the windows, but he didn’t have anything to sit on by the back window. He would just hop up and look outside.

One time he actually almost jumped through the frame because he jumped up onto the windowsill at full speed. I might just keep this window closed, because if he goes through the frame there’s about a 6-foot drop to concrete steps below. That wouldn’t be a good thing; it wouldn’t be a good thing at all.


Have a great day,





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