Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

266/365: Sport Shooting Friday

Today was a work out for my 70-200. I got up early and went and shot group photos at the local cross-country club. I was asked by Dr. Bird to help shoot group shots of the teams playing in the hospital foundation golf tournament.

I shot a total of ten teams in the two hours I was sitting there. It was nice; I had a nice little bench on hole 3. I just sat there and waited for the golf carts to pull up.

After I took the group photos I would ask if I could shoot some shots of them teeing off. I got a handful of good shots.

Then I headed to work for a while, when I got done with work I headed over to shoot the Cowgirls Soccer game. I was shooting for the Ostate Photo and was limited to just my 70-200.

The game didn’t start till 7, so it got dark quick. I got a few shots I liked from the evening, and you can see them over at:



After today I can tell you I was rusty on shooting action shots. I sure had a blast doing it, but I need to get out and find some sports and action to shoot on a regular basis.

Hope everyone had a good Friday,


P.S. Great game tonight Cowgirls!




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