Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

264/365: Don’t Walk

Lately I haven’t got out and shot the photos I like to shoot. I’m a big fan of shooting environmental portraits and agricultural themed photographs. Today I knew we were going to have a beautiful sunset so I headed towards the OSU farms to see if I could get something.

I’ve shot the dairy barn and the horse barn a lot for the blog, so today I went over to the sheep barn. I got some good shots of the sheep in front of the barn, but nothing special.

On my way home I came to a stop light and I looked out the window and saw this don’t walk light with a beautiful sunset behind. I set my camera to f/4 to wash out the background. This caused the sky to look painted and isolated the sign.

My one critique of this photo is the street light in the background, but I didn’t feel like taking out the street lamp in the back.








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