Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

260/365: Lightening in the Garden

Today was Kendra’s birthday, and we spent a wonderful day at the fair. We nicknamed the day the Fun Fabulous Fondue Fair Fringer Birthday. That’s a lot of F’s, but it was sure an A day.

We headed down to the Oklahoma State Fair in OKC, and spent a couple of hours laughing at the fried foods and food on a stick. Did you know they make a Pork Parfait? Not you’re fancy, don’t worry that have a Beef Sunday for you.

We didn’t try either, but just by the names I can’t imagine that they’d be any good.

After the fair we headed over and had a wonderful dinner at the Melting Pot in Bricktown. I’d never been to a Fondue restaurant, but it was really good and it might be a place we try again.

When that was said and done we headed over to the Botanical Garden in Downtown OKC. I don’t the exact name of the garden, but it is beautiful, and the last few years had been under construction

The construction is done, but not everything is up and going just yet. They have a grand opening next month sometime, and I might go and see all they have to offer.

Kendra had been there a week or so ago for a class, so she wanted to show me what she had seen. It was raining and thundering outside, so I took my camera and put it in a rain bag to take some photos.

This is the glass garden with the new high rise building their building downtown. I didn’t get the bolt of lightening in the picture, but it struck behind the building and illuminated the sky.

I think it turned out nice, so it’s what I’m showing today. We had a great day and I hope everyone else did to.

The Cowboys are still playing and it’s two in the morning, I’m going to keep watching, Have a great day.






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