Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

256/365: Best $6 ever spent

Tonight I wanted to show you an image of Wyatt’s new toy. It’s a deer antler that we found at an antique shop in Missouri.

It’s a shedded deer antler, you can tell that because there is multiple places were rodents and such had already got to eat at it. It only cost us 6 bucks, and I can already tell you it’s one of the best investments Kendra and I have made for Wyatt.

He just loves the thing, and unlike the rope toys it might last longer then a week. Wyatt is a tough chewer, and he goes through things faster then one would believe possible.

I wanted to shoot it and let you see it, so I got out the camera and started taking pictures. This got Wyatt Curious so he came over to check out all the commotion.

Well you can’t really see the antler in the photo, but it’s what’s their on the ground in the foreground of the image.


Have a great day,






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