Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

255/365: Hanging around campus

Today while walking around Ag Hall I came across a very nosey and unfrighten little squirrel. When I first saw him he came up to about four feet away from me.

I slowly spun my bag around and pulled out my camera, which was attached to the 70-200. I then crouched down and started to compose a shot, when a wonderful group of students came up and asked “What ya doing? Oh! Look at that squirrel.”

Well this caused my little friend to run for the woods, or the only tree standing anywhere close.

Once he got to the tree he turned around and kept watching me. I got real close to him, got some good shots and then started to walk away.

Once I got a few feet away I looked back and saw him still sitting there, and I saw a bright beautiful background behind him.

I got to the right angle, shot about three frames and he decided he was done posing and away he went.


I really like the squirrels on campus,





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