Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

250/365: OSU Flag Flying High

So the atmosphere around OSU is getting high because it’s almost Thursday night football. I love the town of Stillwater all the time, but it’s something special when football comes around.

So lately theirs been a lot of talk about conference realignment, and I’ll tell you I was excited last year when it happened but now I just want it to go ahead and be done with.

What ever happens is going to happen so let’s get it over with and get back to talking about football.

On my way back from work I saw that the Big 12 (10) flags were flying out side of Boone Pickens Stadium. I was actually on the wrong side of the road, and decided to cross over and go back for this photo.

I like the sky and the stadium in the background. I found one of the three OSU flags flying, and took some photos. There are three OSU flags because of the two teams that left last year.

I don’t know what flags will be flying next year, but I’m sure the OSU one will be flying high and hopefully flying higher tomorrow night.

GO Pokes!!!



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