Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

247/365: Falls Coming

Today was a beautiful day. I really wanted to find a thermometer and take a picture of that for the blog, but I just didn’t know were to find one.

Lately it has been a hot mess in Stillwater, with the temperatures sitting in the 100’s for who knows how many days. Today I don’t even think it reached 90, and oh it was glorious.

I went out shooting with Wyatt this afternoon, but really couldn’t shoot much. There was a cool little flock of birds by Stout, but with Wyatt pulling on his leash I just didn’t get a good shot.

I did like this leaf in black and white, but it’s not my best work I know. I’ve just been feeling uninspired here lately, and I’m sorry about that.


Hopefully I can get back into a groove of things,








One response

  1. Great simple shot, nice use of depth of field – thanks

    September 5, 2011 at 8:19 am

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