Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

246/365: Little Cowboy

Today marked to beginning of a good football season here in Stillwater. We got a W in the stat books, and we put 61 points on the board.

I know there are some people out there saying we didn’t play good, but I have to say 61 points is one heck of a good outing.

Last year before every game I shot pictures for Look at OKC. It was a fun shoot, but this year they didn’t call me back and I didn’t call looking to see if they needed me. I want to just enjoy this season.

So I went out with a camera thinking of getting some shots, but realized I’d have much more fun just talking to people and eating some good food at the tailgates instead of taking photos.

I did capture a couple, and this is Wyatt enjoying all the attention he’s getting. Wyatt eventually got way to hot, so we brought him back home for him to cool down. We had him in an OSU jersey, but we had to go ahead and take it off of him because the heat was getting to him.


Hope everyone had a great football Saturday,






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