Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

245/365: Little Buck Knife

This here is a tiny little pocketknife that Shelby’s mama gave me 5 or 6 years ago. Ever since then it has been attached to my key chain. It is a tiny little knife with the blade being no bigger then an inch, but it always worked when I needed it to.

A few days back I realized that the rivet was coming loose in my knife. It was bound to happen with all the wear and tear it had from being attached to my key chain, but it was a sad day still.

So the Buck knife has been finally retired to the drawers of memory, and I’m now carrying a knife that’s a little big bigger. I would have just picked up another one of these, but I have yet to find one for sale.

I shot this with a wide angle on a dresser in my room. The dresser has a high gloss to it, causing the high reflectiveness.


So it’s football Saturday,








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