Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

242/365: Somewhere in the Parking Lot

Tonight on my walk back to my apartment I was looking for something to take a photo of. I decided a photo of a full parking lot outside of Stout seemed to be a good shot.

Now, this post is not bashing parking or complaining about parking, but I will say that finding a parking spot isn’t the easiest thing to do some times.

Today I parked over by Jones, and when I got to Stout I set up a tripod and took a few shots.

I find it to be a good exercise walking to my car and back, and to tell you the truth we have pretty good parking compared to other Big 12 schools. I haven’t been to them all, but I’m been to a few and I like are parking.

For the amount we pay for a parking permit, I don’t think anyone can complain to much because were not having to be bused in from anywhere.


Hope everyone finds a good spot,






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