Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

239/365: Rolling them through

Today was the annual OSU Bike Auction, so I got up early and prepared myself to bring home a couple of bikes. I warmed up my bidding hand, and my announcing voice.

I wanted to make sure the auctioneer saw me and heard me when I bided. I hadn’t been to an auction in years, so I was just ready to get in some bidding wars.

That mind set changed when I got to the Library Annex. Upon arrival I realized that unlike the previous years, people had actually heard about this auction.

There were about 300 bikes, and 500 bidders. My buying options dropped ten fold as soon as I saw this, but it didn’t stop me from getting out and looking.

A few bikes caught my interest, but they were the same bikes everyone else was interested in. I made a few bids, but to no avail. So I decided to stand in the back and take some photos.

One of my friends made sure to warn me about raising my camera, because these auctioneers were calling out anything they saw move. I, unlike my friend, didn’t accidently bid on anything.


Hope everyone got the bike they wanted,






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