Photographs by Mitchell Alcala

236/365: Lights on Library Lawn

Lights on Stillwater was tonight, and I went for one reason. I really wanted to get a photo for the blog, so I didn’t actually come home with all the cups and stuff that they hand out.

I gave my can of food to get in, and then pulled out the camera. I went around and shot some tight portraits of people.

Not really liking anything I was getting, I put on my wide angle lens and went looking for a good angle. I walked all around, and then had to walk around again because I couldn’t cut through because I had left the area and didn’t have another can of food to give.

I ended up on the SU balcony and got this photo. I liked it more then anything else I had got.

The sky was darkened in Photoshop, because I couldn’t expose the sky and the crowd together.






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